Dimensional Impact not only helps its clients provide the ultimate Customer Experience (CX) in their stores, but it seeks to create the best DEALER EXPERIENCE anywhere.

Here is what Dimensional Impact offers it's dealers:

1. Dealer Pricing
    Our dealers can set their own resell prices but receive substantial discounts from  our list pricing
    E-mail or your Sales Representative for our Dealer Price List

2. Stocking Dealer Discounts
    For very best dealer pricing, we offer significant discounts to those dealers that stock inventory at either
    our warehouse (for next day shipping) or at their own warehouse.

3. Free Showroom Display
    For dealers with retail showrooms, we provide a Free 5' tower fixture and complete samples for your
    showroom.  All you pay is the freight.

4. Branded E-Catalog
    Each dealer is entitled to have us brand our e-catalog with their logo and contact information.  Talk to
    your sales representative to order your own branded e-catalog.

5. FREE Samples
    For your show room, your staff, or your customers - your samples are free. Contact your sales
    representative for sample requests.


6. Annual Growth Incentive
    After one complete year as a dealer, every dealer is eligible for an annual rebate (product credit) equal to 2% of your incremental         increase in sale of DI products (call for details).

7. First -time Showroom Discounts
    If you have a showroom and become a dealer, Dimensional Impact will allow you to place one order for
    slatTex for your showroom at 50% less than List price with which you can outfit your showroom. You are
    responsible for any freight charges.

8. Quarterly Performance Reviews
    Your sales representative will keep you updated with your quarterly performance against prior years.

9. No Minimum Order Size
    Dimensional Impact has no minimum order size.  (A $50 packaging charge is incurred on orders for less
    than 10 panels)