At Dimensional Impact we are continually looking for new ways to enhance customer experience in the retail space. Innovation is what drives the future. However, we have found that some of our oldest styles still remain most popular. What are those styles? Brick, Brick and Brick. We constantly have orders and reorders for our brick styles from White to Red to Sandstone. 

One element of our styles selection we would like to highlight in particular is our Brick Decorative Paneling. Many of our clients, like Eblens shoe stores, have found that our finger jointed paneling makes for a seamless finish that looks and feels like real brick.  To see pics check out page 32 in our brochure catalog! 

If you would like to find out more about our Brick styles especially our Decorative Paneling, reach out to our team at 720.443.1055 or via email at Sales@DimensionalImpact.com!

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