Tips For Attracting Customers

According to a recent study by McKinsey - CX (Customer Experience) is today's key driver of value. When our store environments are designed specifically for the customer experience, the return on that investment is real:

Revenue Growth went up 10-15%

Customer Satisfaction went up 20%

Employee Engagement went up 20-30%

Costs to serve the customer went down 15-20%

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What does this have to do with Dimensional Impact? The whole point to our business is to build yours! We have been working with retailers for years to re-design the look and feel of their stores. The unique detail and quality of our 3d textured panels and merchandising fixtures are what really make the difference!

With over 40 different styles and colors in our textured panels, from Brick, Subway Tile, Weathered Woods, Light Grained woods, Metals and more, we can meet the specific needs of your retails ambiance. Giving you a "Leg Up" on the competition. 

By using our 3d textured products in your retail space you will not only create an incredibly inviting and visually appealing retail space, but will add value to your products with the awesome merchandising power that our fully functional slat wall and versatile display fixtures provide! 

Be sure to get your complimentary samples and see for yourself the effort and detail we put into our products to make your business grow!